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Suzi James

Yael Shotts

Sharon Petrover

Suzi Oct 23 B-W.png

Origin:  London, UK

Genres:  Progressive Rock/Fusion (rock, jazz, symphonic, world)

Years Active:  2018-Present

Latest album: The Difficult Second

Tracks: 10

Playing time: 1hour

Release date: 15th July 2022

Formats: CD (with 12-page booklet); Digital download

Label:  Independent (digital distribution: Distrokid)

Recording: Suzi James Music Studio (London) - apart from drums at Sharon Petrover Drum Studio (Tel Aviv)

Mixing & mastering: Suzi James, SJM studio, May-July 2022.

Composer: Suzi James tracks 1-9; Suzi James & Jeremy Shotts (lyrics for ‘Battlestorm’, track 10 pt4.

Art work: Suzi James

Store: CD - via Fearful Symmetry website; Digital - Bandcamp, Apple, Spotify, usual major digital channels.





TDS CD cover 9jul22.png

Fearful Symmetry is a studio-based project, originally created in 2018 by cousins Suzi James and Jeremy Shotts, who are Classic Rock and Prog fans and wanted to create something new from all the music they've enjoyed listening to, past and present - “an affectionate homage to classic prog, but contemporary sounding compositions, that cross different sub-genres, and aim to convey a familiar sound and feel”.

‘The Difficult Second’ is the follow-up to the debut album ‘Louder Than Words’ (2019), and reflects the on-going approach to fusing many different styles and influences.  Multi-instrumentalist Suzi, is joined by Yael Shotts (vocals), and Sharon Petrover (drums).

Most of the instrumentation is provided by Suzi James, who started playing guitar semi-professionally in bands in the 1970s, from blues to prog rock, and undertook some session work. Suzi has her own studio, and has added bass, keyboards, flute, violin, oud, and mandolin to her skills.

Yael Shotts, vocalist, was writing and performing in her own rock band from her mid-teens, spent time as singer with a jazz combo, and has performed at a festival as part of the 'choir' for the operatic metal band 'Scardust'.

Sharon Petrover is a professional studio and performance drummer based in Tel Aviv, working in all genres of music, as well as teaching. He has recorded with Project RnL, Square To Check, Daniel Weiss, among many others.

"A massive leap forward from what was already a very strong debut album.”

- Eddie McFadden, Prog Core Radio

“Listening to the new Fearful Symmetry album - absolutely superb! 

Brilliant work by Suzi and the band”

- Shaun Geraghty, The Prog Mill,

Tied for Best Prog Rock UK Album of 2022


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