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Album 2: 'The Difficult Second'

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The hoped-for release date was originally for Summer of 2021, but due to a 'number of circumstances beyond our control' this was put back a year.

The album had a digital release on on 15 July 2022. A CD is now also available.

For this album, Fearful Symmetry co-creator, (and Suzi's cousin) Jeremy Shotts has generously stepped back to allow Suzi to develop the ideas in progress prior to 'Louder Than Words', to get them 'out of her system'. Nevertheless, Jeremy has contributed lyrics to an epic (15 minute!) track, ‘Warlords’, and continues to provide enthusiastic support, promotion, and his approval for the music as it emerges.

This second album carries the DNA, the philosophies of the first, the crossover of musical sub-genres, but without Jeremy’s eloquent lyricism.

Overall, though, the sound is still recognisable as Fearful Symmetry, especially with the return of Sharon on drums, and Yael adding her beautiful voice to 8 of the 10 tracks.

Featuring on 'The Difficult Second'...

Yael Shotts - vocals and vocal arrangements.

Sharon Petrover - drums/arrangements/mixing assistance.

Suzi James - guitars, basses, keyboards, mandolin, oud, e-violin,  percussion, backing vocals.

All words, music, arrangements by Suzi with Jeremy contributing the lyrics of  'Warlords/Battlestorm'.

Huge thanks to Jon Farley of ‘Checking For Echo Project’ for his assistance with plug-ins, mixing and mastering advice on The `Difficult Second. Please check out his superb albums 'Life & Other Short Stories: Vol1 & Vol2’ at


Also, thanks to Pat Sanders of Drifting Sun fame for his additional valuable feedback, design expertise, and assistance with CD replication services for The Difficult Second.

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