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Top 10 album of 2022!

Progressive Rock Central have published their top ten albums of 2022, which includes The Difficult Second!

Thanks to Mark Preising, and to Anne-Claire of Bad Dog Promotions 🥰


Merry Christmas!

Top Progressive Rock Albums of 2022

It has been another wonderful year of music!

Let's celebrate!

1. The Blackheart Orchestra – "Hotel Utopia"

2. Moon Letters – "Thank You from the Future"

3. Imaginaerium – "The Rise of Medici"

4. Nick Fletcher – "The Cloud of Unknowing"

5. Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate – "The Confidence Trick"

6. Daymoon - "Erosion"

7. Verbal Delirium - "Conundrum "

8. JPL – "Sapiens, Chapitre 3/3: Actum"

9. Edenbridge – "Shangri-La"


10. Fearful Symmetry – "The Difficult Second"

10. Obrasqi - "Whispers of Silence"

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