April 2021 update

Due out this summer, the follow-up Fearful Symmetry album is soon to have temporary drum samples replaced with real drums, once again from the fearless Sharon Petrover, and vocals added by the gorgeous tones of Yael Shotts.

For this album, Fearful Symmetry co-creator, (and beloved cousin) Jeremy Shotts has generously stepped back to allow me (Suzi James) to develop the ideas in progress prior to Louder Than Words, to get them out of my system.

This second album carries the DNA, the philosophies of our first, but without Jeremy’s eloquent lyricism, apart from part of an epic (15 minute!) track, ‘Warlords’.

The overall sound will be recognisable as Fearful Symmetry, as musical compositions draw on the broad influences we both enjoy, added to the return of Sharon on drums, and Yael adding her beautiful voice to 8 of the 10 tracks.

I’m so grateful to Jeremy, as without our fearful synergy, which fired us up to create Fearful Symmetry and ‘Louder Than Words’, I doubt if we would have released anything half as good working on our own.

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