Origin:  London, UK

Genres:  Prog/Fusion Music (rock, jazz, symphonic, pastoral)

Years Active:  2018- Present

Label:  Distrokid

Website: www.FearfulSymmetry.rocks

Who we are

Fearful Symmetry co-creators and cousins, Jeremy Shotts and Suzi James,  are Classic Rock and Prog fans (among other styles), who wanted to create something new from all the music we've listened to.


Out of discussions we had about the music we love, came the idea of creating 'classic' progressive music albums of our own. It would incorporate all the elements we enjoyed, and maybe even a suitable 'concept'.  For the first album the inspiration was the life and works of William Blake, and the result was the album 'Louder Than Words'.


It's an affectionate homage to classic prog: new compositions, that crosses different sub-genres, but aims to convey a familiar and beloved sound and feel.


What we are

Fearful Symmetry’ is not so much a band, but a studio-based collaboration, that is not constrained by genre, but seeking to capture and blend a mix of styles. Currently there are no plans for live events, which would be difficult considering that the drummer is based in Tel Aviv, and Suzi plays most of the instruments.


For the first album we were lucky to have some wonderful musician friends who contributed as guests.

‘Louder Than Words’ features eight tracks: seven with vocal elements and one instrumental.


Where we are with the music now

For this second album, Fearful Symmetry co-creator, Jeremy Shotts generously stepped back to allow Suzi to develop the ideas that were in progress prior to 'Louder Than Words' (2019).

Nevertheless, Jeremy has contributed lyrics to an epic track, ‘Warlords’, as well as provided production feedback,  enthusiastic support, promotion, and his approval for the music as it emerged.

This album, 'The Difficult Second', carries the DNA, the philosophies of the first, with the continuing fusion of musical sub-genres, but without Jeremy’s William Blake-inspired lyricism. It’s fun, thoughtful, melodic, rocky, jazzy, symphonic, exotic - something for everyone.

Overall, though, the sound is still recognisable as 'Fearful Symmetry', especially with the return of Sharon Petrover on drums, and Yael Shotts again adding her beautiful voice and creativity to 8 of the 10 tracks.


The follow-up was produced during a difficult time for many reasons for each of the creators/contributors - Coronavirus lockdowns, family upheavals, remote recordings, and Suzi learning to play a load of new instruments, and eventually getting laid low by Coronavirus!

In spite of these, the album is done and will be available digitally on Bandcamp from 15July2022, and eventually distributed to a wide range of platforms via Distrokid. A CD should be available from early August '22.

Where the music is

Our first album 'Louder Than Words' is still available for free streaming, or paid download from Bandcamp here!


Digital streaming/download is also available from Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Google Play, Napster, Deezer, Tik Tok, Amazon.

The CD of Louder Than Words is available to purchase via the homepage https://www.fearfulsymmetry.rocks/


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Sharon Petrover


Yael Shotts


Suzi James


                   email:      fs.admin@fearfulsymmetry.rocks                      suzi.james1@gmail.com